How to Choose the Correct Fence

Fences can be used for many different purposes. They can keep your pets and children safe by providing security, safety, privacy and decor for your property.

What’s the Purpose

It’s important to understand why you are buying a fence. Before you choose the right type of fencing, decide whether you want to add it for privacy, for keeping critters out of your garden, for keeping your home safe, or as a decorative addition or all of the above.

Think About Your Neighbors

Consider your neighbors when you are choosing the type of fencing. You ultimately want something that will look good on both sides, but make sure that the unfinished side of your fence is facing in toward your yard.

Always check your local zoning laws, city and HOA guidelines to make sure you are staying up to code. In addition, it’s very important to confirm that your fence line will be 1-2 inches inside your property.

Most Common Fence Materials used in the Area

Don’t forget a gate. Gates can be automated for ease of entry. Gates can be a decorative addition that provides the final security that will give you and your family freedom for many years.