Fencing Options for Privacy and Security

In this day and age, it seems like a lot of people think that every property is communal property. These people in question don’t respect boundaries. You probably have some neighbors like that, and if you are tired of dealing with their lack of consideration, it’s time for a privacy fence and some gates.

Full Privacy Fence

A full privacy fence can be wood or PVC. Wood still requires that the planks have some narrow spaces in between each plank for changes in weather. That is why a lot of homeowners select the PVC, which doesn’t need room to expand and provides the highest level of privacy. A full privacy fence is six to eight feet tall, depending on what is allowed in your city.

Rules for property close to the road might be different, but you can get a lot of privacy when the rest of your yard is surrounded by tall fence. There are many styles and designs of full privacy fencing to choose from. Both wood and PVC are paintable, if you want to do that.

Semi-Private Fence

A semi-private fence usually has the last foot of fence on top as partially open in some way. It is often decorative, like lattice work, and still lets you and the neighbors peek through when standing on a ladder. This is a good option if you want a privacy fence, but want something a little fancier than a full privacy fence. The same materials are available for these types of fences.

Privacy Gates

You can have privacy gates at the end of your driveway and at different areas around your home. The privacy gates at the end of your driveway are usually met on both sides by the fence you install. The gates can be solar-powered, electric, and/or keypad-controlled. Some also come with remote controls to make it easier to enter and leave your property without having to get in and out of your car.